Afghanistan: Internet Governance Multi-Stakeholder Forum in Kabul

May 1, 2018 - May 3, 2018

From May 1-3, 2018, CLDP supported Afghanistan’s second national “Internet Governance Forum,” a multistakeholder event on a host of issues related to the Internet and broadband development.  With participation from non-government entities, Afghan government organizations, the private sector, and individuals, the event was organized and conducted by a non-government working group of the Internet Society of Afghanistan.  Global Internet Governance Forums (IGFs) are held annually under the auspices of the United Nations, and the IGF’s multistakeholder governing bodies encourage national and regional IGFs such as this one.  CLDP has sponsored ICT professionals from both the government and non-profit sectors in Afghanistan to attend global UN IGFs, and this event represents a step forward by bringing an event to Afghanistan.  More than 200 Afghans attended and to took part in both a “Day 0” educational day and two days of workshops led by Afghan and international speakers, appearing both in person and by web connection.  There was also a “children’s academy."  The program strengthened the ICT environment and increased transparency in how Afghan institutions develop and implement policy, as well as promoted U.S. ICT business opportunities in the country.

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CLDP in Action

November 27, 2018 - November 30, 2018

From November 27-30, 2018, CLDP, in coordination with the Training Center of the Ministry of Finance (TCMF) in the Kyrgyz Republic, organized a study tour for TCMF senior trainers regarding U.S. approaches to procurement training and emerging issues in international procurement practice and policy. 

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