Transparency & Governance

December 1, 2020

Bangladesh Line Ministries Legal Structuring

CLDP will run an introductory workshop in partnership with the PPP Authority on the legal structure of a basic PPP for participants from various line ministries. 

November 19, 2020

Kuwait: CLDP Presents at US-Kuwait Strategic Dialogues

CLDP Attorney-Advisor Adam Al-Sarraf spoke at the Fourth U.S.-Kuwait Strategic Dialogue to the Trade and Investment Cooperation Working Group. 

November 17, 2020

Bangladesh PPP Authority Dispute Resolution Webinar

Disputes are common in infrastructure and construction projects. This webinar explored different ways of structuring contracts to mitigate disputes, including a look at arbitration, mediation, and dispute resolution boards.  

November 12, 2020

Morocco – Best Practices for Effective Procurement Lifecycles

CLDP, in cooperation with the General Treasury of the Kingdom of Morocco, conducted a workshop on best practices for effective public procurement lifecycles

November 9, 2020

MENA Regional: INSOL International and World Bank Group Virtual Judicial Forum

CLDP, along with INSOL International and the World Bank Group, a series of Live Forum broadcasts, providing a platform for the judiciary to discuss current issues whilst facilitating knowledge sharing. 

November 3, 2020

Bangladesh Line Ministries Project Finance Webinar

This webinar covered how a private finance public-private partnership project is financed.

October 27, 2020

Bangladesh PPP Authority Financial Model Webinar

CLDP ran a workshop on developing a financial model for PPPs. Financial modeling is the tool that allows the assessment of commercial feasibility.

October 22, 2020 - December 3, 2020

Dominican Republic: CLDP Hosts Webinar on Detecting Anti-Competitive Conduct in Public Procurement Investigations

On October 22-26 and December 1 and 3, CLDP, in collaboration with the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, conducted a series of trainings on investigative techniques for staff from the Dominican Republic’s (DR) competition authority (Procompetencia). Procompetencia requested the training to improve their staff’s interview and interrogation skills so that they are better able to conduct effective investigations of collusive activity in the procurement system. Despite the government’s efforts to ensure open competition in the public procurement system, significant challenges remain, including the prevalence of bid-rigging, cartels, and other anti-competitive practices. These practices often prevent U.S. and foreign companies from receiving contracts. CLDP organized these sessions as part of a broader programming effort to increase transparency and competition in the DR’s public procurement systems. 

August 17, 2020 - August 22, 2020

Afghanistan and Sri Lanka: Transparency International School on Integrity

From August 17th - 22nd, 2020, CLDP sponsored 8 Afghan students’ and 3 Sri Lankan students’ participation in Transparency International’s annual state-of-the-art anti-corruption and accountability training for future leaders. 

March 1, 2020 - March 5, 2020

Sri Lanka PPP Study Tour

On March 1-5, CLDP led a delegation from Sri Lanka to the P3C Conference in Dallas, which is the largest conference on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the United States.