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South Asia

Bangladesh: PPP Authority Workshop


CLDP, in collaboration with the Bangladesh Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Authority, held a workshop to discuss project identification and selection using the World Bank Project Screening Tool and other methodologies. The workshop also discussed best practices regarding feasibility studies. The...

Nepal: Project Marketing Workshop


On July 18-20, CLDP delivered a workshop on marketing projects with participants from The Office of the Investment Board of Nepal (OIBN). OIBN has been working to create a pipeline of bankable projects and has expressed the need to attract investors for their projects. The program provided OIBN with...

Nepal: Contract Management Workshop


From July 11 through 15, CLDP conducted a five-day training for attorneys, provincial government officials, and employees of the Office of the Investment Board of Nepal. CLDP collaborated with the Nepal Bar Association to conduct a workshop on Contract Management of public-private partnerships in...

Nepal: OIBN Risk and Value for Money Workshop


CLDP collaborated with the Office of the Investment Board of Nepal (OIBN) to put on a workshop focused on assessing risk and value for money as they relate to major infrastructure projects. The trainings better prepared the Government of Nepal in entering public-private partnership contracts by...

Nepal: Bar Association ADR Workshop


CLDP collaborated with the Nepal Bar Association to hold a two-day workshop on topics related to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), particularly focused on arbitration. This workshop built upon ADR concepts delivered during the Infrastructure Financing Hybrid Workshop held for the Nepal Bar...