Procurement Basics Series (PBS)

Introduction: the Procurement Basics Series

The Procurement Basics Series (PBS) is a collection of pre-recorded presentations developed by CLDP and expert advisors. The PBS provides a high level overview of a specific topics and concepts within the procurement domain. These recordings were designed with CLDP's technical assistance projects in mind, particularly as we continue to expand our work in the procurement space. The recordings are stored on YouTube and can be accessed by clicking on the videos below.

Bid Protest - International Perspective

This recording highlights Bid Protests from an international perspective. 

  • What is a bid challenge and what is it's importance?
  • Major issues in the bid protest system
  • Common bid challenge forums

Bid Protest - US Perspective

This recording highlights Bid Protests from a US perspective.

  • Basics of the bid protest process in the US
  • Performance stays
  • Agency corrective action
  • Litigating the protest

Requirements Development