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Brazil: U.S. Consultations on OpenRAN


On September 26-30, CLDP will organize consultations and private sector meetings for Brazilian ministry leadership, telecommunications operators, and other key ICT stakeholders, to include engineers from the Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento, who will be responsible for testing OpenRAN telecommunication networks in Brazil. The consultation will address the concerns and questions operators have with respect to operating in a multivendor environment (e.g., interoperability) that is likely to include equipment from both trusted and untrusted vendors. The delegation will participate in the Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, where attendees will attend sessions on telecommunications regulation, and will be able to talk to vendors and hear from experts about various aspects of 5G and OpenRAN. The delegation members will then fly to Dallas, they will visit OpenRAN testing facilities operated by Mavenir and AT&T. The objective of the event is to get Brazil, a critical country in South America, closer to adopting OpenRAN and/or trusted vendors for its wireless communications equipment.