Upcoming Programs

October 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020

CLDP coaches will be working with the 2 Maldivian Vis Moot teams on written advocacy. The coaches will be conducting weekly webinars with the teams on helping them draft research their legal issues, formulate their arguments, and write their memoranda. First, the teams will focus on writing their claimant’s memorandum. Then, the teams will focus on writing their respondent’s memorandum. Once the teams have completed their briefs, they will focus on preparing their oral arguments. 

October 5, 2020 - December 31, 2020

On October 5, 2020, the Maldives International Arbitration Center (MIAC) had its first ever arbitration case filed. CLDP has been providing skills training and certification courses to prepare MIAC to begin conducting arbitrations. The training has focused on ensuring that the MIAC staff know how to effectively handle a case from inception to conclusion in a transparent and impartial manner. 

October 5, 2020 - November 3, 2020

October 2, 2020

October 27, 2020 - February 9, 2021
November 2, 2020 - November 3, 2020

CLDP, in collaboration with ITA, CBP, and USDA, will conduct a regional trade facilitation workshop on public consultation for Guatemalan government and private sector representatives. Government officials from Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras will also participate in the workshop to encourage regional integration. The Guatemalan government can improve the transparency and effectiveness of the regulatory process through  transparent and consistent public consultation processes.

November 2, 2020 - November 4, 2020

Tunisia’s National Agency for the Promotion of Research (ANPR) is organizing a 3-day virtual conference for technology transfer offices. The conference will bring together technology transfer and intellectual property experts to discuss best practices in technology transfer management, industry-university collaboration, and protection and commercialization of technologies. ANPR invited CLDP to present on strategies for the commercialization of patents on November 4, 2020.  


November 3, 2020

On November 3, 2020, CLDP conducted a virtual preconference at this year’s virtual Internet Governance Forum (IGF).  CLDP has invited government and non-government participants from several countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Maldives, and Nepal to learn about plans for this year’s forum and to share information on issues of regional issues, including data and privacy, digital transformation, and access/inclusion.

November 3, 2020

This webinar will cover how a private finance public-private partnership project is financed. Experts will provide an overview of project finance and its distinct phases; project finance structures – debt, equity and risk mitigation; the difference between financing and funding as well as a review of how project finance compares to other PPP tools, such as concession agreements.

November 9, 2020 - January 22, 2021

From November 2020 through January 2021, CLDP will provide virtual assistance to teams participating in CLDP's 11th Annual Middle East Vis International Commercial Arbitration Pre-Moot Program.

November 9, 2020 - January 25, 2021

CLDP, in partnership with the Center for International Legal Education (CILE) at the University of Pittsburgh, is holding a legal writing curriculum on for teams competing in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (Vis Moot). The Vis Moot is a global legal competition, established by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, to spur the practice of international commercial arbitration and build the capacity of the next generation of lawyers in the field.

November 9, 2020 - November 10, 2020

On November 9 and 10, CLDP will host a virtual workshop for 40 officials from Ukraine’s State Customs Service (SCS) focused on advance rulings. Advance rulings are decisions made by customs at the request of a relevant importer or exporter on specific questions related to the import or export of goods in question. This can include information made before export related to the classification, valuation, or origin of the good in question.

November 12, 2020

CLDP, in cooperation with the General Treasury of the Kingdom of Morocco, will conduct a workshop on best practices for effective public procurement lifecycles Tags: Transparency & Governance, Morocco

November 15, 2020

The next session of CLDP’s public-private partnership (PPP) webinar series discusses unsolicited proposals. Unsolicited proposals when used properly are a way for the private sector to propose innovative solutions to problems. This webinar provides an overview of how to implement procedures at the agency level, prioritizing or limiting the types of proposals received, confidentiality policies, transparent evaluation procedures, and fair reimbursement of costs for an accepted proposal. 

November 17, 2020

Disputes are common in infrastructure and construction projects. This webinar will explore different ways of structuring contracts to mitigate disputes, including a look at arbitration, mediation, and dispute resolution boards.  

November 17, 2020

CLDP ran a second workshop for the PPP Authority on developing a financial model for PPPs. Financial modeling is the tool that allows the assessment of commercial feasibility. The financial model is designed to reflect the estimated financial situation of the project company during the life of the contract. This workshop will cover more advanced topics than the pre-recorded webinar series.

November 17, 2020 - November 18, 2020

CLDP, in collaboration with ITA and CBP, will conduct a virtual trade facilitation workshop on optimizing operations through intergovernmental cooperation and centrally-published information for Salvadoran government officials, their Central American government counterparts, and private sector representatives from across the region. Assessment trips conducted by CLDP have identified Article 1 and Article 8 of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) as necessary provisions for the Salvadoran government to deliver their notification of readiness to the WTO.

November 18, 2020

On November 18th, 2020, CLDP will host a virtual Donor Coordination Meeting with donor and partner organizations working on Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) and food safety issues in Afghanistan. The meeting will serve to gather information from donor and other organizations operating in the SPS space in Afghanistan, including current project goals and objectives, geographic and technical areas of focus, and points of contact.