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Historically, ad hoc funding arrangements have enabled CLDP to conduct a limited amount of work in Asia. This work has included assisting Viet Nam with drafting its first commercial code and supporting the country with World Trade Organization (WTO) and trade policy-making concepts. In addition, CLDP has worked with the Government of the Philippines to foster a legal environment conducive to better enforcement of Intellectual Property rights both in the public and the private sector.

In recent years, CLDP has been conducting wide-ranging technical assistance programs in AfghanistanBurmaIndia, and Pakistan, making the region one of CLDP’s largest portfolios.

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Goal: CLDP has been working with the Government of Afghanistan and the Afghan private sector on increasing the trade and investment capacity of the country.

Program Areas:

  • Commercial Law Implementation
  • Commercial Law Education Development
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Development
  • Investment Promotion Capacity-Building
  • Judicial Education in Commercial Law


Goal: At the request of the US Embassy in Rangoon and the Government of Burma (GoB), CLDP has reviewed and coordinated interagency comments on Burma’s draft Foreign Investment law and comments for the implementation of the SME law and telecommunications law. CLDP also participated in USAID’s AGCLIR assessment team to conduct an assessment on commercial law capacity building needs in August, 2013.  CLDP and USAID recently signed an Interagency Agreement under ASEAN Connectivity through Trade and Investment (ACTI) to implement commercial law capacity building. CLDP’s initial programming will focus on public procurement and arbitration.

As part of the State Department’s Energy Governance Capacity Initiative (EGCI), CLDP conducted an energy assessment in Burma in March, 2013. Following the assessment, CLDP conducted competitive bidding/production sharing contracts (PSC) workshop that resulted in the Ministry of Energy announcing liberalization of its PSC fiscal terms one month after the workshop.  CLDP will conduct a financial modeling workshop in Naypyitaw in January, 2014 as the next phase of programming.

Program Areas:

  • Commercial Law Implementation
  • Public Procurement
  • Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement
  • New York Convention on Foreign Arbitral Awards
  • Judicial Capacity Building
  • Energy Legal and Regulatory Framework


Goal: Pursuant to a 2010 Memorandum of Understanding between the Governments of India (GoI) and the United States on shale gas resources, the Department of Commerce’s Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) has been helping the GoI build its capacity in developing a legal and regulatory framework conducive to foreign investment in shale gas exploration and production.

Program Areas:

  • Energy Legal and Regulatory Framework


Goal: CLDP has been working with the Government of Pakistan on its goals of diversifying Pakistan’s exports and creating a legal environment to promote foreign investment in Pakistan. CLDP will also start an energy program that will contribute to regional energy security and a commercial law education program that will strengthen rule of law in Pakistan.

Program Areas:

  • Energy Law Capacity Building
  • Commercial Law Education
  • Judicial Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
  • Judicial Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Academia-to-Business Technology Transfer
  • Trade policy/research and building of e-Learning trade modules

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