Dominican Republic: CLDP Conducts Government Procurement Assessment

February 6, 2017 - February 9, 2017
CLDP visiting the National 911 Emergency Response System in Santo Domingo

From February 6-8, 2017, CLDP conducted an assessment of the technical evaluation procedures, for government procurement, utilized by government institutions charged with citizen security and emergency response in the Dominican Republic. As part of the assessment, CLDP met with U.S. Embassy and Dominican government counterparts, including the National 911 Emergency Response System, the National Police, and the National Health Service, among others. These institutions have faced significant challenges with procuring high quality products and services that are critical to their missions. While a number of these products and services are offered by U.S. companies, the latter are not selected due to antiquated regulations or procurement practices. CLDP staff, along with expert advisor Omar Saeb of the General Services Administration, interviewed officials in order to identify the procurement challenges facing citizen security institutions, with a focus on complex and emergency procurements. CLDP carried out the assessment in Santo Domingo at the request of the Dominican Republic’s General Directorate for Government Procurement; the findings of this assessment will help develop a March 2017 workshop on best practices in government procurement for citizen security institutions. The upcoming event will be CLDP’s third workshop as part of its two-year technical assistance program to the Dominican Republic.

Taking a tour of the 911 facilties
CLDP meeting with Dominican public health officials

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