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May 2019

May 16, 2019 - May 17, 2019
As part of CLDP’s on-going assistance to the GOU on trade facilitation, CLDP supported Customs – Advance Rulings (Valuation) Workshop on May 16-17 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The two...
May 13, 2019 - May 15, 2019
On May 13-15, 2019, in Tbilisi, Georgia, CLDP facilitated the eighth meeting of the Expert Level Working Group on Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Measures for officials from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz...

March 2019

March 28, 2019 - March 29, 2019
CLDP in collaboration with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and the Ukrainian judiciary, implemented Workshop on the Administrative and Judicial Resolution of Government Procurement ...

November 2018

November 13, 2018 - November 14, 2018
CLDP, in coordination with the U.S. Federal Trade Center and in cooperation with the High Council of Justice, the Supreme Court of Ukraine and the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine held the Workshop...

October 2018

October 25, 2018
CLDP, in cooperation with the UN ECE and the government of Ukraine held the Workshop on the Legislative, Institutional and Practical Issues of the WTO TFA (WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation)...
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