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Luca Mariotti

International Program Specialist

Luca Mariotti is an International Program Specialist at the Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP). Ms. Mariotti works on CLDP’s energy portfolio, with an emphasis on its Power Africa Initiative. 

Prior to working at CLDP, Ms. Mariotti served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal. She worked alongside women, farmers, and youth to identify and employ resources that provided training, up-skilling, and networks to increase their socio-economic development. She had a specific interest in the West African grain fonio, where she worked with farmers to enhance their access to inputs and wrote her master’s thesis on its sustainable commercialization. Most recently, Ms. Mariotti worked with an impact fund focused on developing climate-smart agricultural organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ms. Mariotti holds a Masters in Global Development from Cornell University and received her BA in Business and Economics from Trinity College, Dublin.