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Women's Economic Empowerment Initiative

Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic (DR), CLDP has been working with the Government’s (GODR) main procurement agency, the General Directorate for Public Contracting, and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Small Business to increase access to government contracts for women-owned businesses. With new funding from USAID and the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, CLDP will be expanding its programming in the country to include a broader range of government agencies and private sector stakeholders. This expanding programming will encompass increased support for GODR counterparts on implementing improvements to the country’s regulatory framework to address inefficiencies that result in barriers to access for women-owned businesses specifically and MSMEs in general. CLDP will also provide technical trainings to local government resources intended to support women-owned businesses and MSMEs, and will support the development of effective mechanisms of private-public cooperation.

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