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Latin America & the Caribbean

Latin America & the Caribbean

CLDP provides technical assistance to countries across Latin America and the Caribbean on a range of economic governance issues. Through agreements with USAID and the U.S. Department of State, CLDP focuses on high-priority areas identified through technical exchanges between CLDP Attorney-Advisors and partner government counterparts. By promoting transparency initiatives, improving trade processes, and supporting the development of small businesses and their inclusion in public procurement. CLDP builds institutional capacity to fuel economic growth throughout the region.

Watch these CLDP Shorts to learn how governments can work with the private sector to bolster international trade and regional supply chains, deliver vital services to citizens with efficient procurement systems, and incorporate best practices in insolvency frameworks.  

Click here to learn about CLDP's results in Latin America and the Caribbean in meeting our goals to:

  • Improve Public Procurement Systems
  • Strengthen Government Transparency & Integrity
  • Bolster Regional Trade Facilitation and Supply Chains
  • Develop Critical Infrastructure Project Capabilities


Public Procurement


CLDP works with the Government of the Dominican Republic (GODR), civil society, and the Dominican private sector to increase transparency, competition, sustainability, and small business access to its national procurement system. CLDP’s technical assistance approach emphasizes the importance of expanding the use of online procurement platforms,  increasing communication between government and industry, and developing  cross-sector accountability measures. Through training programs, private sector engagement events, and legal technical assistance engagements, CLDP provides the GODR with customized solutions and best practices to ensure that its procurement regulations and procedures are more effective and consistent with the Dominican procurement law and its trade agreement obligations. To ensure greater long-term impact for this programming, CLDP is also working with the GODR to develop a certification program for its procurement personnel.

See a list of CLDP’s programming in the Dominican Republic.

Click here to learn more about CLDP’s Public Procurement program in the Dominican Republic.


CLDP’s USAID-funded project in Peru implements direct government-to-government technical assistance to assist the Government of Peru (GoP) in improving its public procurement system. CLDP works with public and private sector stakeholders to identify challenges and develop technical solutions to increase transparency and efficiency in the procurement process. Through technical engagements with Peruvian counterparts and U.S. government experts, CLDP supports the GoP in establishing a secure and centralized online procurement catalog to improve the government tender process. CLDP also supports specialized procurement methods to facilitate the GoP’s natural disaster response. To ensure the sustainability of these improvements, CLDP is helping establish a professionalization program for Peru’s procurement workforce.

See a list of CLDP's programming in Peru. 

Click here to learn more about CLDP’s Public Procurement program in Peru.

Trade Facilitation & Supply Chains


CLDP, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of State, offers technical assistance to governments across Central America and Mexico to improve and streamline customs processes that bolster regional trade and strengthen supply networks. By developing the institutional capacities of both traders and border authorities, CLDP programming seeks to reduce customs delays, alleviate supply chain bottlenecks, and encourage sustainable infrastructure solutions. CLDP also works to improve the technical capacity of key government agencies and regulatory frameworks to align with international best practices and help establish globally competitive supply chains throughout Central America, and Mexico.

Click here to learn more about CLDP's program in Central America & Mexico.

Regional Infrastructure Project Development


CLDP recently expanded its work to include a regional program supporting governments across Latin America to improve their public procurement and public-private partnership (PPP) frameworks. Under the Department of State initiative, CLDP assists relevant government agencies in strengthening institutional capacities to manage critical infrastructure projects and incorporating internationally recognized best practices in public procurement. Through country-specific assistance in legal and regulatory reform, CLDP helps foster fair, transparent, and effective procurement and PPP systems that create a level playing field for local and foreign companies.

Countries and Regions