Global Initiatives

CLDP, in partnership with the U.S. Department of State and USAID, conducts global initiatives in key areas of international commerce and development, such as women's econonmic empowerment, energy infrastructure development, and international commercial arbitration. 

Global Energy & Natural Resources

As one of the U.S. agencies providing technical assistance under multiple initiatives of the U.S. Department of State, CLDP leverages the expertise of its lawyers and experts to help countries establish commercial law frameworks and improve policies, regulations, model contracts, and guidelines in the oil and gas, LNG, power, and mineral sectors.

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W-GDP Initiative

Through an agreement with USAID in the Dominican Republic, CLDP expanded its existing public procurement project to target women-owned and small businesses' access to government contracts. CLDP's programming will address the main obstacles that face these businesses and help create an enabling legal environment for them.

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Vis-Moot (Commercial Arbitration)

Along with the U.S. Department of State and USAID, CLDP has developed an educational program to train and mentor law school students in oral and written advocacy and international commercial arbitration. Students use this experience to compete in the international Vis Moot where they simulate aspects of the arbirtration procedure and the use of international commercial arbitration conventions

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Upcoming Programs

February 7, 2021 - February 19, 2021

CLDP in Action

December 6, 2020

The PPP process requires a significant amount of time and resources. To ensure that those resources are well spent, it is important to have an understanding of Financial modeling. Financial modeling is the tool that allows the assessment of commercial feasibility.