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Global Energy Transition Assistance

CLDP serves as a key implementer for the U.S. Department of State in its global initiatives for energy technical assistance, such as the Energy and Minerals Governance Program (EMGP), Power Sector Program (PSP), and Energy Resource Governance Initiative (ERGI). Through these global initiatives, CLDP, together with other U.S. government agencies and implementers, leverages its lawyers and experts to work on a government-to-government basis with foreign ministries, regulators, and state-owned entities to improve policies, laws, regulations, model contracts, and guidelines to decarbonize the oil and gas sectors, deliver sustainable energy, and improve the regulatory climate for mineral investment. CLDP’s worldwide technical assistance includes assessments, detailed review and gap analysis of existing legislative and regulatory frameworks, advisory support for redrafting or amending frameworks, modeling and planning tools, knowledge-sharing workshops, and guided discussion with industry roundtables and trade groups.

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