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South Asia

Bangladesh: PPP Authority Workshop


CLDP, in collaboration with the Bangladesh Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Authority, held a workshop to discuss project identification and selection using the World Bank Project Screening Tool and other methodologies. The workshop also discussed best practices regarding feasibility studies. The...

Nepal: Project Marketing Workshop


On July 18-20, CLDP delivered a workshop on marketing projects with participants from The Office of the Investment Board of Nepal (OIBN). OIBN has been working to create a pipeline of bankable projects and has expressed the need to attract investors for their projects. The program provided OIBN with...

Nepal: Contract Management Workshop


From July 11 through 15, CLDP conducted a five-day training for attorneys, provincial government officials, and employees of the Office of the Investment Board of Nepal. CLDP collaborated with the Nepal Bar Association to conduct a workshop on Contract Management of public-private partnerships in...

Nepal: OIBN Risk and Value for Money Workshop


CLDP collaborated with the Office of the Investment Board of Nepal (OIBN) to put on a workshop focused on assessing risk and value for money as they relate to major infrastructure projects. The trainings better prepared the Government of Nepal in entering public-private partnership contracts by...