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Shamiram Lazar

International Program Specialist

Shamiram Lazar is an International Program Specialist with the Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP).  Ms. Lazar primarily works on CLDP’s programs in Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia. 

Prior to joining CLDP, Ms. Lazar served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi, where she worked as an English teacher at a rural secondary school. She organized several community development projects focused on literacy, gender equality, and malaria awareness.  Ms. Lazar was invited to several national education camps as a gender specialist, where she conducted workshops on gender based violence.

Ms. Lazar earned a Master of Arts in International Development: Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction from the University of Manchester.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  Ms. Lazar is fluent in Assyrian (Aramaic) and French, and has a working knowledge of Arabic and Chichewa.