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Nepal: Project Finance Risk Mitigation Webinar

Nepal PF Webinar

CLDP, in collaboration with the Nepal Renewable Energy Program (NREP), conducted a webinar on lender risk mitigation for local Nepali financial institutions. Nepal is working to increase domestic and foreign investment at the sub-national level for infrastructure, with a focus on the energy sector. Access to financing is an issue for project developers, with bank requirements limiting the capacity of project developers to finance and install projects. During the webinar, experts discussed the general principles of risk allocation, structural risks, developmental risks, and operational risks that may be associated with major projects and the risk mitigation measures that can be put in place. CLDP has been working with the Nepalese government at the national level since 2018 on developing and implementing bankable infrastructure projects. CLDP’s collaboration with NREP is part of its ongoing technical assistance to Nepal under the Infrastructure Transaction and Assistance Network.

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