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Angola: Training, Evaluation and Planning Trip

Angola event participants

The CLDP team traveled to Angola from January 16-27 and achieved the following objectives: 1) 10 court clerks in Cabinda province learned and are now implementing modern case management techniques and random selection of judges; 2) Determined that modern case management techniques have been correctly implemented in Benguela and Lobito following July 2005 training, but that implementation did not begin until January 2006 and thus further evaluation is needed; 3) Trained new CLDP staff in evaluation and auditing of case management implementation in Angolan courts and introduced new CLDP staff to key US Mission (AID/DOS) and Angolan officials; 4) Completed an organization and staffing assessment of the Lubango provincial court in advance of case management techniques implementation; and 5) Solidified a plan of action with USG and Portuguese and Angolan Government officials for the automation project.

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