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Armenia – 5G/Telecom/Cyber Security Assessment Trip


On June 13th – 20th, CLDP completed an initial assessment mission in Armenia to identify appropriate technical assistance and gaps in Armenia’s digitalization strategy to include data protection, e-government initiatives, cybersecurity, and future 5G deployment. In addition, CLDP also assessed the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine on Armenia’s critical infrastructure. During the week, CLDP met with government stakeholders, private sector stakeholders, academia, and NGOs to scope out the need for technical assistance.

This assessment mission is first in the multi-year project initiative spearheaded by the U.S. Embassy Yerevan, designed to assist Armenia with various aspects of digitalization. Notably, during 2022 U.S.- Armenia strategic dialogue, Armenian government requested assistance from the U.S. government in developing its own 5G strategy. CLDP will prepare a workplan outlining the next steps in assistance to include mapping of responsibilities as they are shared among government stakeholders as well as legal and regulatory gaps.

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