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Bahrain: CLDP Organizes SME Consultation in Singapore


On June 17-20, CLDP held a workshop and consultation for Bahraini officials that are members of an action team tasked with drafting and implementing a series of new laws and programs to promote small business and government tendering SME programs in Bahrain. The workshop was held in coordination with the SME promotion agencies in Singapore. As Bahrain creates its programs it has looked to international best practices in the region, specifically, a request to CLDP to use Singapore as a regional model for new SME laws and procurement reform for small business. U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) also participated in the workshop, which focused on several international promotion standards including IPR protection for SMEs, incubator and accelerator programs, access to finance and export promotion. The workshop concluded with a session to recommend key provisions for the new SME law of Bahrain that will be presented to Council of Ministers and Parliament.

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