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Bangladesh: Training for PPP Authority and Line Ministries


On July 30-31, in Dhaka, CLDP conducted a training program for 25 officials from the Public Private Partnership Authority (PPP Authority) and other ministries. Due to an exponential need for infrastructure, the Government of Bangladesh has been building its PPP framework for the past six years. CLDP is working with the PPP Authority to help build capacity of the ministries and other key institutions on public-private partnerships and create opportunities for foreign investment including from US companies as part of the Indo-Pacific Infrastructure pillar. CLDP provided an introduction to PPP best practices that focused on project life cycle, allocation of risks, project finance and social infrastructure. This program introduced the participants to PPP basics and also provided a platform for the PPP Authority and other ministries to communicate and coordinate on PPP projects and issues.

Besides building basic capacity for key ministries and other institutions on PPPs, CLDP’s future Bangladesh programming will also train the PPP authority on more advanced topics so that they can better advise other agencies on PPPs. These programs will help place key stakeholders in Bangladesh’s PPP regime in a better position to identify, negotiate, execute and implement sustainable PPP projects. 

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