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Bangladesh – Video Conference on National Strategies for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

On March 10, CLDP hosted a virtual discussion of Bangladesh’s National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI) with 13 Bangladeshi government and non-government officials. Speakers from the U.S. Department of State and the Brookings Institution provided an overview of the governmental approaches to AI and the Bangladesh National Strategy, and industry experts from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft spoke on how Bangladesh might create a better business environment for growth in AI industries. A developing country’s approach to AI will affect growth and availability of digital services and the ability of U.S. tech companies to offer services and products using advanced technologies and without cumbersome restrictions, and is affected by related policies, including those that do not restrict the free flow of data. CLDP conducted this discussion as part of its work under the Digital Connectivity and Cybersecurity Partnership, a global U.S. initiative to advance connectivity and digital trade, to improve policy and regulatory environments for ICT sector growth, and to enhance cyber security. 

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