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CLDP Hosts Advanced Case Management Workshop

Case Management Group Photo

From October 22 – 23, CLDP hosted a two-day Advanced Case Management Workshop for ADR Center Staff with experts and Centers from Hong Kong (Hong Kong International Arbitration Center), Sri Lanka (International ADR Center), Pakistan (Center for International Investment and Commercial Arbitration Pakistan), Uzbekistan (Tashkent International Arbitration Center), and Maldives (Maldives International Arbitration Center). The workshop kicked off with a series of presentations from each country team, discussing the operations of their respective centers. Afterwards the workshop aimed to increase effectiveness of ADR Center services and uptake of ADR in SCA region by providing a toolkit and checklists for practitioners and staff to manage arbitration cases. The second day was comprised entirely of an interactive exercise in which the participants discussed and worked through an example case as a group. This program came as a part of CLDPs broader efforts to support the development of pipeline of ADR practitioners and a culture of arbitration in legal and academic communities around the world.

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