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CLDP Hosts MENA Regional Conference on Best Practices and Good Governance in Public Procurement


CLDP organized a regional conference on Best Practices and Good Governance in Public Procurement in Casablanca, Morocco from May 28-30, 2013. CLDP worked with key government-procurement officials from Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia to assist in the development of regulations and practices that contribute to transparent and efficient government-procurement systems.
The three-day conference aimed to promote best practices and strengthen capacity, develop policies consistent with international standards, and encourage SME participation in government-procurement processes.  CLDP worked together with US interagency colleagues,
leading academia in the field and multilateral partner organizations in presenting this event.
This conference is part of CLDP’s technical assistance provided through the U.S. Department of State - Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). CLDP’s MEPI programs support the U.S. Government’s efforts to assist economic development and to promote an environment that encourages free-market based reforms in MENA countries. 

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