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CLDP Hosts a Workshop for the Arbitration Court of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina


On April 13-14, 2016, CLDP conducted a Workshop for the Arbitration Court of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH Arbitration Court). The Workshop was the first installment in a capacity-building program between the Arbitration Court of the Foreign Trade Chamber and CLDP. The program focused on updating and improving the capacity of the BiH Arbitration Court to effectively and efficiently administer arbitration proceedings in BiH. The program will help ensure the Arbitration Court’s laws and regulations are modernized and fully in compliance with international norms and standards.

The first Workshop, conducted by arbitration experts from Europe and the U.S., and with participation of the BiH Association ARBITRI, among other topics, explored challenges to the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) regime in BiH, discuss the framework for establishing effectively functioning arbitral institutions, and discuss the role of arbitration in developing a regime conducive to international business and commerce. The second day of the Workshop was devoted to working with arbitrators on case studies and practice arbitrations.

On April 15, 2016, immediately following the Workshop, CLDP sponsored the Second Arbitration Awareness Day, planned in coordination with the law firm of Wolf Theiss and BiH Association ARBITRI. The Workshop promoted the use of arbitration in BiH, and the BiH Arbitration Court as an in-country arbitration venue. In addition, panels of local and European experts discussed practical aspects of arbitration in BiH, including issues specific to arbitrating different types of disputes and inclusion of appropriate types of arbitration clauses in agreements.

The program aims to promote the use of arbitration as a mechanism for solving international commercial disputes in BiH, thereby creating an environment more conducive and inviting to international commerce. In addition, the programs aims to help develop the BiH Arbitration Court into a leading regional dispute resolution system

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