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CLDP to Lead Programs on Customs and Trade Facilitation


CLDP, in collaboration with the Georgian Revenue Service, will lead a two-part program on customs and trade facilitation that will focus on three topics: post clearance audit, risk management, and authorized economic operators (AEOs).  CLDP will first lead a series of capacity building webinars for customs officials on AEOs, post-clearance audit, and risk management.  The goal of the webinars series is to strengthen the capacity of Georgian customs officials to implement post-clearance audits in a way that complements the overall risk management program.  This aspect of the program will assist the Government of Georgia in creating a more efficient trade climate and reducing trade barriers.  CLDP will then convene Georgian customs officials, international experts, and private sector stakeholders for a roundtable on Georgia’s pilot AEO scheme.  During this roundtable, participants will discuss the AEO scheme and identify the relevant institutional, legislative and capacity barriers to implementing a success system for AEOs in Georgia.  The roundtable is designed to encourage discussion and knowledge exchange between experts and participants to yield potential resolutions on key issues.  

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