Maldives: CLDP Conducts Procurement Best Practices Workshop

August 4, 2019 - August 5, 2019

On August 4-5, 2019, in Malé, CLDP conducted a two-day Procurement Best Practices program for thirty officials from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure, Ministry of Economic Development, and various stated-owned enterprises. With increased interest in investment in the Maldives from international companies and investors, the government is looking to update its procurement rules to increase competition and fulfill a campaign promise to improve governance, fairness, and justice. The workshop focused on the UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) Model Law on Procurement, Procurement Life Cycle, Special Considerations for Island Nations, Environmental Sustainability in Procurement, E-Procurement, and Reverse Auctions. The information shared will help Maldivian procurement officials better understand what reforms they would like to adopt to be in line with international best practices and place them in a better position to administer public tenders fairly and transparently in order to attract sustainable investment in infrastructure for the Maldives. 

Upcoming Programs

December 16, 2019 - December 17, 2019

On December 16-17, CLDP will held a two-day workshop on power project procurement. The workshop sought to improve the planning of bids from prep to closing through a discussion on international best practice relating to the request for proposals (RfPs), standardization of documents, designing a competitive bid round, evaluations and identifying gaps in the current legal framework. 

December 19, 2019 - December 20, 2019

On December 19-20, CLDP, in collaboration with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Finance and the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Directorate, will hold a two-day workshop on PPP fundamentals. The workshop will highlight PPP process, structure economics, project financing, and revenue flow.

CLDP in Action

October 23, 2019 - October 24, 2019

On October 23-24 in Tunis, Tunisia, CLDP held a workshop to identify potential changes to Tunisian law that would encourage increased cross-border eCommerce transactions for both exports and imports. Over 40 representatives from several government ministries, the private sector, and the NGO community discussed potential amendments to Tunisia’s eCommerce law, customs procedures, central bank currency and payment rules, and other matters.  The participants offered sets of informal recommendations for further action.

ECommerce in Tunisia has not reached its full potential, although there are black market eCommerce websites. Legal changes could help Tunisian SMEs and individuals reach new markets, while also providing opportunities for US sellers.

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