Bangladesh: Privacy and Data Workshop Phase II

October 14, 2020

On October 14, 2020, CLDP held a second virtual consultation via video with participants from the Bangladesh government and private sector on current regulatory issues, discussing data and privacy issues as well as draft legislation, following up on an introductory consultation in April 2020. The program also included other issues of interest, such as policies regarding artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.  The Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration and the Federal Trade Commission joined CLDP in conducting this program, which is part of CLDP’s work in South Asia under the Department of State’s Digital Connectivity and Cybersecurity Partnership (DCCP).  DCCP supports increased access to communications, an open, interoperable, and secure Internet, transparent regulatory policies for open competitive markets, and trade opportunities for U.S. firms.  DCCP also builds partners nations’ capacity to address shared security threats, along with capacity building and commercial engagement activities.

CLDP Senior Attorney Joe Gattuso alongside event experts and attendees

Upcoming Programs

October 27, 2020 - February 9, 2021

CLDP conducted a webinar series on concepts in public-private partnerships (PPPs) for the Urban Development Authority (UDA) of Sri Lanka. PPPs provide an innovative​ financing approach to developing major infrastructure projects across the globe. The webinar series covered concepts including PPP structure, payment mechanisms, project agreements, financing agreements, common contract clauses, and public support mechanisms. Each webinar topic was followed by a discussion group one week after the webinar was delivered. UDA received these trainings weekly from October 27th, 2020 to February 9th, 2021. CLDP’s collaboration with UDA of Sri Lanka is part of its ongoing technical assistance under the Infrastructure Transaction and Assistance Network.

CLDP in Action

November 9, 2020

CLDP, along with INSOL International and the World Bank Group, a series of Live Forum broadcasts, providing a platform for the judiciary to discuss current issues whilst facilitating knowledge sharing. 

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