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El Salvador: CLDP & USTR Conduct Knowledge Sharing Plan Working Sessions & Formal Plan Presentations

Salvadoran Marketing textiles experts present their content distribution strategy.

Salvadoran Marketing textiles experts present their content distribution strategy.

On June 22, CLDP, in collaboration with USTR, facilitated a series of working sessions for 20 Salvadoran textile industry representatives. The sessions aimed to finalize knowledge sharing plans to widely disseminate resources acquired during CLDP trainings to more than 100 industry representatives from across Central America’s Northern Triangle. During the working sessions in each of the four areas of focus, the Salvadoran participants presented draft implementation plans to topic-specific experts for targeted feedback. U.S. experts shared best practices on practical methods to improve marketing strategies, strengthen communication, enhance innovation, develop business opportunities, improve supply chain efficiencies, and address sourcing issues within the region.

In March, CLDP held a 5-day, multi-track training on marketing, innovation, supply chain management, and Dominican Republic – Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR)  textile provisions for these 20 representatives to develop resident experts that can serve as local resources for textile and apparel colleagues across the Northern Triangle and further strengthen the competitiveness of the Salvadoran textile industry. In preparation for the multi-track training, CLDP, USTR, and the University of Missouri, identified 20 textile representatives to participate as Capstone Finalists for the week-long professional development opportunity to build capacity in the four identified workstreams. Based on submitted proposals and identified areas of expertise, finalists were apportioned between the areas of focus for a total of 5 participants in each of the four tracks: CAFTA-DR, Innovation, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management. To foster sustainable information sharing networks, the participants developed plans to share their knowledge and skills acquired during the program with industry colleagues in the region.

On June 29, the 20 Salvadoran participants formally presented their knowledge sharing implementation plans to a broader audience of more than 100 textile and apparel representatives from across Central America’s Northern Triangle. Building in this week between engagements enabled the participants to incorporate input from the working sessions and fine tune their plans before the formal presentations to the broader group.

As a result of these working sessions and formal presentations, the resident experts can support industry representatives increase effective utilization of the CAFTA-DR to source yarn and textiles, strengthen regional supply chains, enhance innovations, and expand marketing strategies thereby increasing economic growth and development for the industry in the region. The development of resident textile and apparel experts contributes to the CLDP/USTR Program’s sustainability efforts through self-sustaining information sharing networks across the region.

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