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Georgia: ICC Arbitration Conference

ICC Rules in Georgian

On June 14, CLDP, in collaboration with the Georgia chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and ICC Dispute Resolution Services, held a one-day program on the event of the official translation and publication of the ICC Arbitration and Mediation Rules into the Georgian language. The ICC Arbitration and Mediation Rules are one of the world’s preeminent rulesets for alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and their translation into Georgian marks only the 21st language in which they are publicly available. CLDP and the ICC are proud to collaborate on the translation and publication of this resource that will provide a foundation for the continued development of ADR in Georgia for years to come. In addition to publicizing this accomplishment, on June 14 CLDP and ICC led a series of discussions among leading members of ICC Dispute Resolution Services and the Georgian arbitration community on how the newly-translated ruleset will contribute to the next steps in ADR development in Georgia.

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