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India: Developing a Regulatory and Fiscal Regime Conducive to Foreign Investment in Exploration and Production


CLDP, in close coordination with the State Department’s Bureau of Energy, conducted shale gas consultations in the US for a delegation of key officials from the Government of India’s Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoPNG) November 7-11, 2011.  The participants spent the first two days in Washington D.C. having exchanges with USG energy related agencies such as the White House Council on Environmental Quality, the State Department’s Bureau of Energy, USGS, DOI, DOE, EPA and the Energy Information Administration. CLDP also accompanied the delegation to Dallas, Texas for meetings with the shale gas private sector and state and local regulatory agencies to observe new technologies related to shale gas E&P and to discuss international best practices in creating a regulatory, legal and fiscal regime for shale gas development.  This program will help the MoPNG as it proceeds in selecting blocks for the 2012 shale gas bid rounds and creating their own regulatory, legal and fiscal regime for shale gas development.  CLDP and the MoPNG will be having further discussions in the near term to discuss additional technical assistance that may be requested by the MoPNG. 

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