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International Commercial Dispute Resolution Conference

Part of a multiyear program to improve the environment for resolving commercial disputes in the Arabian Peninsula, in November 2009 CLDP and the Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies organized a regional conference for judges to share best practices in the resolution of international commercial disputes. This program was designed to improve judicial methods to increase transparent, independent, and effective judicial decisions of commercial and trade related disputes. More than 40 invited judges from Kuwait and the GCC countries and Yemen attended the conference. Judges traveled to Kuwait from Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Yemen for two days of lectures and practical exercises that emphasized the value of proper dispute resolution policies and procedures in adjudicating complex commercial disputes. In addition to local participants, U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Rosemary Barkett and U.S. Court of International Trade Judge Delissa A. Ridgeway traveled to Kuwait to share practical approaches to dispute resolution procedures. Presenters for the program also included the Director of the Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies Counselor Jamal Hamad Al Shamri, the Head of the Administrative Division of the Kuwait Court of Appeals the Honorable Adel Bouresly, U.S. Attorney and International Arbitration Expert Katlyn Thomas, Omani Attorney Said Bin Saad Al Shahry, and Dubai International Financial Center Courts Justice Ali Al Madhani. In addition to presentations, participant judges compared strategies of adjudicating model cases in order to determine practical approaches to dispute resolution procedures. In particular, the conference focused on efficient dispute resolution mechanisms, international standards of dispute resolution enforcement, and effective judicial review of administrative decisions

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