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Lao PDR: International Commercial Arbitration Workshop

This is a photo of the classroom photo from the back. There are participants looking toward the speaker in the front, who is speaking from a podium.
This is a group photo of participants in the Laos International Commercial Arbitration workshop. In the foreground there are women sitting on chairs, and in the back there are 20 or so participants standing. All participants are smiling.
There are four people in a round table with microphones in the middle for the workshop. A woman is asking a question with her hand lifted up while addressing the speaker.

From June 12 to 14, CLDP held a workshop in Vientiane, Laos PDR on International Commercial Arbitration for participants from the Center for Economic Dispute Resolution of Laos, the National University of Laos Faculty of Law, and the Lao Bar Association. 

The workshop focused on core arbitration topics concerning the arbitration agreement, arbitral proceedings, arbitral tribunals, and arbitration awards. The program consisted of three days of instructional lectures with case study examples. The training program allowed participants to familiarize themselves with key arbitration concepts to better improve their knowledge and skills in preparation for future arbitration cases. 

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