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Peru: CLDP Conducts Virtual Training on Procurement of Cloud Services

Peru Cloud

On July 15, CLDP, in cooperation with Peru’s Centralized Procurement Agency (Peru Compras) and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), conducted a webinar on best practices in the procurement of cloud services. The webinar focused on acquisition and cybersecurity aspects to cloud purchasing and was led by three experts from GSA’s Centers of Excellence (COE), which are tasked with assisting U.S. government agencies in their technology modernization efforts. Peru Compras was recently tasked by the Peruvian administration with setting up a government-wide framework agreement for cloud services to facilitate the acquisition process for all Peruvian government agencies. CLDP and COE experts discussed the importance of using a multi-cloud approach to increase competition and mitigate performance risks. The webinar was the first phase of a series of activities that CLDP will be organizing to support Peru Compras’s efforts to effectively centralize the procurement of technology for the Peruvian government.

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