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Peru: CLDP Furthers Public Procurement Reform


On April 25-29, CLDP led a series of working meetings with Peruvian government officials, including the Vice Minister of Economy and Finance and the president of Peru’s Supervisory Entity for State Contracting (OSCE), as well as private sector stakeholders. The meetings focused on  Peru’s efforts to amend its current procurement law to ensure consistency with international best practices such as the UNCITRAL Model Law and the OECD Methodology on Assessing Procurement Systems (MAPS). Moreover, the efforts include professionalization of the procurement workforce, the need to institutionalize reforms to ensure sustainable implementation of legal reforms, and receiving private sector input for the recommendations to the private sector representatives.  As a result of the meetings, CLDP was able to confirm support from high-level government officials for future sessions to discuss CLDP’s remaining recommendations to improve the draft procurement law and its regulations. Given the OECD’s recent approval of Peru’s proposal to start its accession process, the Peruvian government has prioritized procurement reform as a major component of its efforts to improve transparency and governance.

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