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Regional Balkans: Workshop on Bid Protests

On April 28, CLDP, in coordination with Embassy Skopje, hosted a webinar on bid protests in public procurement with judges and government officials from the Balkans.  The workshop focused specifically on best practices in adjudicating bid protests. A robust bid protest system has the potential to increase transparency and accountability in the procurement process by impartially enforcing the rights of bidders to a competitive bid process. A more transparent and accountable procurement system will therefore increase participation and competition, which will ultimately lead to lower prices and better-quality services for the government and the people. The workshop faculty was be led by a U.S. Federal Judge who oversees bid protest cases at the United States Court of Federal Claims, which is has exclusive jurisdiction to issue legally binding decisions on bid protest cases. The faculty will also include a senior counsel in the Government Contracts Group at the U.S. law firm Crowell and Moring, who has more than a decade of experience in matters of government contract formation and bid protest litigation.  With these experts, workshop participants will have both a judicial and a practitioner perspective on how to most effectively adjudicate bid protest cases.

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