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U.S. Pakistan Consultations on Digital Economy Issues


From October 25-29, 2022, CLDP will organize consultations on digital economy issues for a high level delegation of Pakistan officials.  The delegation of approximately 15 officials will include several Senators and members of Pakistan’s National Assembly, high court justices and other judges, and senior officials from ministries including the Ministry of IT and Telecom and Ministry of Law, along with one representative of the NGO community. 

The focus of the discussions will be data localization, privacy, and cybersecurity issues.  CLDP will set up additional discussions for the judiciary attendees on topics including electronic case management and electronic evidence.  The week-long program will include a mix of subject area discussions and meetings with U.S. officials.  The discussion sessions will be with officials from various offices of the U.S. government, including Commerce’s International Trade Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration; and the Office of the United States Trade Representative, the Department of State and the Federal Communications Commission.  There will be an industry panel with representatives of major tech companies including Facebook and Google, and further discussions with think tank and NGO representatives.   The delegation will meet with Senator Chris Van Hollen, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, and Federal Trade Commission Chair Liana Khan.

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