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Western Balkans Vis Moot: CLDP Conducted a Series of Webinars on Writing Legal Memos


CLDP, in collaboration with Association ARBITRI, continued supporting the Vis Moot students by conducting a series of webinars that aimed to help the students with their Claimant Memo submissions. Due to the legal culture, systems, and education, students are not generally well versed in persuasive legal writing and effective legal research.  Vis Moot prepares students for an international legal career.  Therefore, it is essential to upskill the students and give them the necessary tools to use in the competition and further in their professional careers.  Over 40 students participated from BiH, Kosovo, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Saudi Arabia participated in the webinar series that focused on topics such as: persuasive legal writing, review of legal questions in the Vis Moot Problem, how to structure legal arguments, and how to conduct legal research with a focus on using case law in persuasive legal writing.