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11th Tbilisi Vis Pre-Moot Conference and Competition


On March 4-6, CLDP, in coordination with Arbitration Initiative Georgia, will host the 11th Annual Tbilisi Vis Pre-Moot, a hybrid simulated oral advocacy competition that helped law students from the Caucasus prepare for the 29th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. As the competition will be held via a hybrid format, CLDP will invite law schools from around the globe to compete with teams from the Caucasus. This year’s competition will be comprised of teams from the South Caucasus, Western Europe, and the United States. CLDP will open the competition with a substantive training that will help the teams to hone their arguments for the pre-moot and subsequent competitions. Arbitrators and legal professionals from around the world will help to judge the subsequent competition rounds. Through the Vis Pre-Moot competition, CLDP will help develop skills in legal analysis, advocacy, and international arbitration for future lawyers in Georgia and the South Caucasus, which will help improve the contracts enforcement mechanism in the South Caucasus and encourage regional cooperation and implementation of international best practices in regional arbitration.

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