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Sub-Saharan Africa

CLDP Results in Sub-Saharan Africa

CLDP has a long history of work in Sub-Saharan Africa. Programs have had both a regional and individual country scope. Beginning in 1999, under the African Trade and Investment Program (ATRIP), a USAID initiative, CLDP assisted countries throughout West Africa with reforms in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), judicial case management, intellectual property rights, judicial ethics, and...

Sub-Saharan Africa

Since 1999, CLDP has engaged both governments and the private sector across the length and breadth of Sub-Saharan Africa, assisting countries from Nigeria, Cameroun, Ghana, Senegal, and Mali in West Africa, to Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania in East Africa, and Angola, Mozambique, Botswana, Malawi, and South Africa in Southern Africa.