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Intellectual Property

Moldova - Ambassador to US Meeting

On February 14th CLDP met with Ambassador Viorel Ursu at Moldova's Embassy to the United States in Washington, DC. CLDP's multiple workstreams, areas of future cooperation, and Moldova's transitioning government were all topics of the discussion. Ambassador Ursu will be participating in CLDP's...

Chairman Giorgadze of Sakpatenti Visits CLDP

On February 9, the Chairman of the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia – Sakpatenti, Soso Giorgadze, visited CLDP’s office to meet with Chief Counsel Steve Gardner and members of the Georgia program implementation team. CLDP and Sakpatenti reflected on their long-standing and productive...

CLDP Convenes the Collective Management Roundtable


On January 25-27, in coordination with USAID, the Culture Committee of the Georgian Parliament, and Sakpatenti, Georgia’s Intellectual Property Agency, CLDP lead a Roundtable discussion regarding policy justifications and sample legislative language for amendments to Georgia’s Copyright Law to close...