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Women’s Economic Empowerment

Central Asia: Working Group on Digital Trade and Women's Economic Empowerment


Central Asia faces considerable frictions in electronic cross-border payments that curtail domestic transactions, trade and ecommerce. At the same time, the region seeks to build an inclusive ecommerce framework, to promote women’s full participation in digital trade and economic activity.  To...

Western Balkans and Azerbaijan: CLDP Develops Regional Women’s Economic Security Working Group


From May 12-16, CLDP sponsored the participation of a delegation of women leaders and entrepreneurs from the Western Balkans and Azerbaijan to form a women’s economic security working group and participate in the International Trade Administration’s Tradewinds Forum in Türkiye. The delegates...

Kenya: Investment Facilitating Trade in Africa Under the AfCFTA: A Focus on Women and Youth


On April 22-23, 2024, CLDP through Africa Women and Youth Empowerment Group (AWYEG), in partnership with African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP), the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT), the AmCham Business Summit, and the Commercial Service Women Empowered Leave Legacies...

CLDP Conducts Workshop on Franchising: A Business Model to Facilitate the Success of Women and Youth Led Enterprises


On August 20 – 21, CLDP, alongside U.S. Embassy Accra as well as international and regional trade and investment partners, hosted a workshop on franchise investment opportunities for local entrepreneurs and prospective investors. The workshop trained participants on how to develop and negotiate a...

Dominican Republic: CLDP Conducts Capacity-Building Webinar with Visa for Women-Owned Businesses

On April 13, CLDP conducted a webinar for the three main women-owned business associations in the Dominican Republic (DR). The webinar featured a business finance expert from Visa-DR and focused on financial education. This event is part of CLDP’s programming to improve women’s business access to...