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Advanced IP Course for Judges and the Colloquium on IP Law for the Judiciary

CLDP organized the Advanced Course for Judges November 24-28, 2008 in Manila, jointly with the Philippines Patent Office, the Philippine Judicial Academy and the Supreme Court of the Philippines. Participating judges received advanced training on intellectual property (IP) issues aiming to increase the enforcement of IP rights such as warrants for search and seizure, evidence gathering and evaluation. The course was case and problem-based, utilizing a skills-based experiential methodology of training. A hypothetical case was be presented to the judges, with lectures interspersed in a mock regular court proceeding, elucidating the various issues and aspects that the judges would have to consider in deciding the case, and a mock trial was held where the participant judges decide the case. The exercises included a case involving copyrights and trademarks, and another involving patents. CLDP also organized the Colloquium on IP Law for the Judiciary. The Colloquium included commercial court judges as well other participants including enforcement agencies, law practitioners, associations, and the public, and focused on two topics: TRIPS & TRIPS Plus, and a Comparative Discussion of Specialized Courts for IP. CLDP will organize a Second Colloquium on IP Law for the Judiciary in Manila.
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