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Algeria – Supporting Technology-Based Startups in Algeria




On October 5 and 6, 2021, CLDP, in collaboration with the US embassy in Algeria, Algeria’s Economic and Social Council (CNESE) and the Algerian Information Technology Association (AITA), organized a two-day hybrid workshop on the viability of advanced technology startups. On October 5, CLDP presented a methodology it has created to assess the viability of advanced technology startups. On October 6, experts from USPTO, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Algerian American Association for Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (AASTE) presented pilot programs that would be implemented in coordination with Algerian institutions to support the development of startups. The proposed pilot programs focus on strategic intellectual property (IP) capture, commercialization of university research, and coaching and mentoring of startups. CLDP also presented a methodology created to assess the viability of technology startups. The hybrid workshop brought together over 100 participants in Algiers, including government officials, managers of technology incubators, startups, and U.S. Embassy officials. The development of technology startups is a priority for the Algerian government as the country seeks to transition from a resource-based economy to a knowledge-based economy. This is part of CLDP’s ongoing efforts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Algeria through technology transfer an intellectual property. 

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