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Argentina: CLDP hosts Conference on 5G and Open Radio Access Networks (Open RAN)


On May 11-12, 2022, CLDP, together with the U.S. Embassy, held a two-day conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina to discuss cybersecurity and supplier diversity for critical ICT infrastructure, with a focus on the advantages of Open Radio Access Networks (Open RAN) for 5G telecommunication networks. The conference reached 124 participants from the Government of Argentina, the Argentinian private sector, universities, and local think tanks, along with representatives from multinational companies and foreign governments, Australia and Japan. Featured speakers included: the U.S. Ambassador to Argentina, Marc Stanley, Acting Director of the U.S. Department of State Office of Bilateral and Regional Affairs, Paul Harrison, Deputy Chief of Cabinet of the Government of Argentina, Jorge Neme, and President of the Argentinian National Communications Entity (ENACOM), Claudio Ambrosini. The conference fell under the Digital Connectivity and Cybersecurity Partnership and served to further strengthen coordination between the United States and Argentina on technological innovation, 5G, and securing Argentina’s critical technology infrastructure.