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BiH: CLDP to Conduct Webinar on Adjudication of Intellectual Property Infringement Cases: Civil IP Adjudication

On February 3, CLDP, in coordination with U.S. Embassy Sarajevo, led a second webinar on intellectual property (IP) adjudication for judges and judicial staff in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH). Experts for the webinar included a U.S. federal judge and the head of Lanaco, a leading information and communication technology company in BiH. The webinar included presentations on: (1) how U.S. courts assign valuation of IP for determining damages, (2) challenges of copyright protection for computer software, databases, and related legal protection of database manufacturers, and (3) case studies on challenges to copyright protection with a focus on databases. This program is part of CLDP’s ongoing effort to support BiH’s ability to promote and protect IP rights. CLDP’s assistance with judicial capacity building furthers the expansion of democratic institutions and facilitates fair and reciprocal trade and investment. 

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