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Central Asia: Digital TIR Pilot Project Extended to the Kyrgyz Republic

On March 18, CLDP, in close partnership with the International Road Transport Union, supported the first digital TIR (the Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods under Cover of TIR Carnets) transport of goods from Uzbekistan to the Kyrgyz Republic replying upon digital TIR functionalities. A truck from Uzbekistan carrying electrical items crossed the border into the Kyrgyz Republic with customs authorities from both countries successfully handling the digital TIR processes and transit guarantees. This successful shipment of goods using the digital TIR tools marks another milestone in the regional trade facilitation connecting Kyrgyz Republic to the ongoing Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-Tajikistan digital TIR corridor. Digitalization of the system of transport of goods streamlines border-crossing procedures, reducing transport times and costs for operators, and facilitates trade by providing countries greater access to the regional and global markets.

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