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CLDP Convenes Meeting of Trans-Caspian Intellectual Property Forum

On July 28, CLDP brought together delegations of IP government officials from Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan for the Trans-Caspian Intellectual Property Forum (“Forum”) in Batumi, Georgia. Coming on the heels of the meetings of the Eastern Europe and Central Asian Expert Level Working Groups, the Forum allowed the assembled delegations to engage in direct dialogue with their counterparts from across the Trans-Caspian region on best practices in the enforcement and protection of intellectual property rights. CLDP divided the country delegations into groups to address different aspects of IP protection and enforcement, including internal markets, customs and transshipment, and digital markets, with each group reporting on the most pressing regional issues, best practices, and proposed solutions to their assigned topic. By the end of the Forum, participants had not only broadened their perspective of IP issues affecting other countries throughout the region, but also gained valuable insight into how to best address these issues in their home countries.

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