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Conference on Intellectual Property Law and Enforcement in the Philippines

CLDP coordinated a two-day workshop-conference, to be held from September 13-14 in Manila for roughly 200 attendees from the Philippines IPO, academia, law enforcement, and private sector. US, Filipino, and international experts provided an overview of the challenges and benefits of digital copyright protection and explore how strengthened regulatory structures can support this objective. CLDP drew on US and Filipino IP experts to discuss the legal and technological aspects of the WIPO Internet Treaties and identify these areas of Filipino law that do not sufficiently comply with the treaties. In addition to two speaking session per day, the conference included daily roundtable discussions on comparative copyright law and private sector strategies for digital copyright protection. CLDP intended for these sessions to be interactive, combining both audience and panelist opinions. At the end of the conference, all participants were equipped with a handbook explaining key issues related to digital copyright protection and noting potential enhancements to the Filipino IP system.
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