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Dominican Republic: CLDP Launches PPP Course for High-Level Officials


On March 1, CLDP, in cooperation with the Dominican General Directorate of Public Private Partnerships (DGAPP) and USAID, organized a high-level event to launch a five-week virtual course for senior governmental officials on the fundamentals of public-private partnership (PPP) projects. The event included remarks from the Dominican Minister of Public Administration and USAID’s DR Mission Director, in addition to substantive presentations from the Director General of the DGAPP and CLDP’s expert, the former head of El Salvador’s PPP unit. The audience included five government ministers and fifteen director generals from across the government, including the Ministry of Public Works and Communications and the Ministry of Public Health, among others. The virtual course aims to clarify the mechanics of the PPP model, the benefits of PPPs in different types of projects, and the means to best leverage PPPs to meet government agencies’ needs. The launch and the virtual course are part of CLDP’s multi-phase program to improve the DGAPP’s capacity to guide the development of an impactful, transparent, and bankable pipeline of PPP projects. 

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